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Rivers and Reservoirs

Rivers and Reservoirs

Rivers and Reservoirs

The rivers Duero and Tormes are only two of the main rivers which cross the province of Salamanca and leave around them breathtaking landscapes where you will be able to enjoy their ecosystems and bathing areas in order to spend the warmest days of the years.

However, the province of Salamanca has also some reservoirs, dams, lakes and streams which are worth a visit if you want to enjoy the views and take a cooling bath.

Nature in La Alberca

In the Natural Park of Las Batuecas, closet o the Monastery of San José, 13 km. far frorm La Alberca, there are some Paradise settings, where you can find some pools in the river Batuecas. You have to leave behind the Monastery and follow a small path full of vegetation along the river.

Other interesting wet areas

These are interesting hábitats with thick aquatic vegetation, sometimes around meadow landscapes. These areas are said to be Wet Areas of Special Interest. They are also the migratory routes for aquatic birds when they fly away in spring and summer.

Canyons and dams

In the north-west corner, the river Duero and its tributaries have carved an amazing chain of canyons, over which some spectacular dams and hydroelectric dams have been built.

Boat Sailing

The river Duero and Los Arribes offer the toursits the possibility of travelling by boat along one of the most amazing landscapes in the Peninsula: the “Fjords” in Castile and Leon.