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In Autumn

When the autumn comes, the south of the province of Salamanca has a especial protagonist: chestnuts. The tree, which gives round bright fruits, came to this area with the Romans and it was soon adapted to the area and different circumstances.

Chestnuts harvest: from the tree and the Magosto

All the villages in the Sierras de Francia and Béjar are good places to collect this fruit which also gives its name to some of the villages in Salamanca, such as

Mushroom harvest

Together with the chestnut collection, the autumn also brings the mushroom collection.

Wild boar hunting

In autumn, the wild boar hunting season starts in autumn. This is a kind of animal which is very important in the province. The environment of the Sierra de Francia is the ideal place for this kind of hunting.

Popular fiestas in Autumn

Apart for the popular fiestas connected to the chestnut harvesting or the interesting gastronomy picking up of the mushrooms, in autumn they also celebrate the Big Fiesta in