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  • Rock wine-presses route

    Rock wine-presses route

    The wine-making tradition in San Esteban de la Sierra is reflected in the Route of the Rock Wine-presses, a circular 13 km long route. You can make it in five or six hours if you walk peacefully enjoyng the different resources.

  • The route of the lookouts of the Sierras

    The route of the lookouts of the Sierras

    The circular route of the lookouts of the Sierras runs through 5 kilometres between Santibáñez de la Sierra and San Esteban de la Sierra. It is an easy route especially designed for families.

  • El Camino de las Raíces

    El Camino de las Raíces

    Art and Nature get together in the Camino de las Raíces (The Path of the Roots), where the tourists can still see the traces of the collective memories of the village of La Alberca and the area of the Sierra de Francia.

  • Ganadería Hermanos Valverde. Finca “Valverde de Gonzaliañez”

    Ganadería Hermanos Valverde. Finca “Valverde de Gonzaliañez”

    The Valverde family has been linked to the countryside, cattle breeding and horse riding for five generations. “Valverde de gonzaliañez” is located a few minutes from Salamanca, in the heart of the countryside of Salamanca.

  • Companies specialized in ornithology tourism

    Birding Local Companies

    Several Salamanca companies, specialized in ornithological tourism, offer their professional services to visitors and tourists, in order to get the most out of the walks and bird watching routes.

  • La Alberca

    Route of the Historical Sites

    There are fifteen villages that have been declared “Historical Sites” in the province of Salamanca, the capital city itself is one of them and it is was also declared “World Heritage”:

  • Bird Watching


    In these environments, we can point out the existence of different kinds of birds:  great bustards, golden eagles, bonelli´s eagles, Spanish imperial eagles, black storks, great flocks of griffon vultures and black vultures, not forgetting the colourful little birds, the magic bee-eaters, the alw