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  • Museum of the chamber pot in Ciudad Rodrigo

    Museum of the chamber pot

    In the heart of Ciudad Rodrigo, at the foot of the Cathedral tower, travellers shall find one of the most original museums in this country.

  • The Silver Way

    The Silver Way: the southern Way of Saint James

    The Silver Way, which goes from Seville to Astorga, has enhanced for centuries the circulation of people, goods and ideas. After the discovery of Apostle Saint James's tomb, it became a pilgrimage: the southern Way of Saint James.

  • Useful information about Salamanca

    About Salamanca

    Situated in the southwest of the Comunidad Autonoma of Castile and Leon, the province of Salamanca offers a great landscape and environmental diversity all over its 12.350 m2 surface,

  • Territorio Vetón

    Territorio Vetón

    2.500 years ago the Vetones, a pre-Roman village, found refuge in the uneven land of Las Arribes, an area in the province of Salamanca.

  • Salamanca

    Salamanca, World Heritage

    Salamanca, Historic Site and UNESCO World Heritage City, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, a place full of culture, knowledge, universities; it is the city of the Spanish language.

  • Ledesma


    Ledesma, the old Bletisa, lies down over a hill carved out by the river Tormes. It has been declared Historical Site. It is located in the middle-north end of the province of Salamanca.

  • Ruta de la Plata

    Ruta de la Plata

    The stretch of the Ruta de la Plata which goes across the province of Salamanca is worth a visit, due to any of these reasons: its archaeological sites or its historic heritage or the nature or gastronomy.