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  • San Martin del Castañar Castle

    San Martin del Castañar Castle

    San Martin del Castañar Castle is built facing the river Francia. The old chronicles already mentioned ti in the XV century as a palace castle and also as the home of Count de Miranda del Castañar´s daughter and her husband, a noble man from the village.

  • Villanueva del Conde

    Villanueva del Conde

    In the middle of the Sierra de Francia, on a slope which faces the midday, the village of Villanueva del Conde stands out, and it is also anoher village declared a Historical site.

  • La Alberca

    Route of the Historical Sites

    There are fifteen villages that have been declared “Historical Sites” in the province of Salamanca, the capital city itself is one of them and it is was also declared “World Heritage”:

  • Salamanca

    Salamanca, World Heritage

    Salamanca, Historic Site and UNESCO World Heritage City, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, a place full of culture, knowledge, universities; it is the city of the Spanish language.

  • Ledesma


    Ledesma, the old Bletisa, lies down over a hill carved out by the river Tormes. It has been declared Historical Site. It is located in the middle-north end of the province of Salamanca.

  • Ruta de la Plata

    Ruta de la Plata

    The stretch of the Ruta de la Plata which goes across the province of Salamanca is worth a visit, due to any of these reasons: its archaeological sites or its historic heritage or the nature or gastronomy.

  • San Martín del Castañar

    San Martín del Castañar

    The name of the village makes reference to the times of the Gascon repopulation which took place in the Sierra de Francia in medieval times. Some names, place names and dedications still prevail from those times.