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  • Ruta del Mudéjar

    Mudejar Route

    If you visit the areas of Alba and Peñaranda, you will discover beautiful Mudejar churches. The Mudejar techniques were developed in these areas between the 12th and 13th centuries; this style was adapted to the Romanesque style, using the bricks as its identifying element.

  • Monasteries and convents

    Monasteries and convents

    Hidden in the Salamancan landscape, places of secret beauty are ideal locations for convents and monasteries. It is even possible to stay in some of them to make up for lost tranquillity.

  • Museum of the chamber pot in Ciudad Rodrigo

    Museum of the chamber pot

    In the heart of Ciudad Rodrigo, at the foot of the Cathedral tower, travellers shall find one of the most original museums in this country.

  • The Silver Way

    The Silver Way: the southern Way of Saint James

    The Silver Way, which goes from Seville to Astorga, has enhanced for centuries the circulation of people, goods and ideas. After the discovery of Apostle Saint James's tomb, it became a pilgrimage: the southern Way of Saint James.