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Salamanca has an array of priceless cultural treasures.

  • La Alberca

    Route of the Historical Sites

    There are fifteen villages that have been declared “Historical Sites” in the province of Salamanca, the capital city itself is one of them and it is was also declared “World Heritage”:

  • Ciudad Rodrigo Castle

    Ciudad Rodrigo Castle

    When you arrive in Ciudad Rodrigo from the neigbour Portugal, the profile of the castle stands above the rest of the urban area. Its uncertain origin links it to the river Agueda and its old bridge.

  • Salamanca

    Salamanca, World Heritage

    Salamanca, Historic Site and UNESCO World Heritage City, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, a place full of culture, knowledge, universities; it is the city of the Spanish language.

  • Ducal Palace of Béjar

    Ducal Palace of Béjar

    The Ducal Palace of Béjar, or Palace of the Duchesses of Béjar, was built in the 16th century on the remains of the Arab alcazaba, commissioned by the Zuñiga Family.

  • Historic Interpretation Centre of Ledesma

    The history of Ledesma is the history of all the villages and civilizations that have occupied this fortified place and have also taken control of the river Tormes.