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Ciudad Rodrigo

Ciudad Rodrigo

Ciudad Rodrigo and the Border

The region of Ciudad Rodrigo is located in the south-west of the province of Salamanca. In this area impregnated by its own history and culture due to the fact of being situated near the border with Portugal we can enjoy the view of fortress cities, such as the one which gives its name to the region, the mountain landscapes such as the Gata and Francia Mountains and the wide oak meadows of El Rebollar.

Not to be missed

Concepcion Fortress

We are not going too far if we say that this is one of the most outstanding military fortresses in Spain. It is located not far from Ciudad Rodrigo, in the village of Aldea del Obispo, in the border with Portugal, where it used to act as a lookout building.

Siega Verde

The archaeological site of Siega Verde is located in the west of Salamanca, in the region of Ciudad Rodrigo. This is the most important open air Paleolithic Art site in Castile and Leon and the most significant one in Spain. That is why it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage.

El Rebollar, a privileged natural area

Beyond Ciudad Rodrigo, this 50.000 hectares privileged natural area is hidden. It is a landscape full of stones and rocks where we can point out the Gata Mountains and its 1.592 metre main summit, the Peña de la Canchera. 

Our Villages

Ciudad Rodrigo

Ciudad Rodrigo

This fortress city, declared a historical site, is undoubtedly one of the tourist destinations in the province of Salamanca. Its walls hide an invaluable historical and cultural heritage.


Cathedral Diocesan Museum

The richest and most complete museum in Ciudad Rodrigo is located in a stunning setting: the Cathedral.

Museum of the chamber pot

In the heart of Ciudad Rodrigo, at the foot of the Cathedral tower, travellers shall find one of the most original museums in this country.

Interpretation Centre of the Frontier Fortifications Route

Ciudad Rodrigo is a frontier strategic location from the Middle Ages, but it turned into an important bastion in the 18th century, when more modern defensive buildings were built against the powerful artillery of that time.



The farinato is one of the products you can try if you travel to the region of Ciudad Rodrigo.

Conventual Pastry and Honey. Sweet temptations

This travel trough Salamanca can't finish without tasting any of the numerous recipes of the delicious conventual pastry.