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  • Le Carnaval du Toro

El Carnaval del Toro (Bull Carnival)

This is the main festival in Ciudad Rodrigo and it was declared of National Tourist Interest.

Bulls, which are the main element these days, run along the streets of the city in the bull running (encierros). In the Main Square they build an original bullring, made of wood; it is very well known as “tablaos” and it looks like a medieval bullring.

Some weeks earlier, the Bull Bolsin goes trough meadows and fighting bull cattle; then, by means of this event, some bullfighting learners will be able to have their desire opportunity.

There are many unforgettable moments in this Carnival: The Aguardiente Bull, the Horse Bull Run, The Carnival Dancing, the presentation of the Caranival groups at the New Theatre, the Floats Parade, the night “capea” (amateur bullfight).  There are also clubs and brass bands which cheer up the visitors and make them be part of the joy, costumes and transgression offered by this Carnival.

On top of that, the Domingo de Piñata (Piñata Sunday) is the last chance for inhabitants and visitors to get together and eat of some of the bulls which were fought. This is the perfect end to stretch the Carnival till Lent.

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