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The fighting bull and the dehesas

The fighting bull and the dehesas

The fighting bull and the dehesas

If there is a landscape typical of Salamanca, that is the Campo Charro. This is the dehesa (meadow), a unique ecosystem especially important in the Iberian Peninsula. We have to look for its origin in the transformation of the Mediterranean Forests: the thick trees disappear and it turns into a place where the agricultural, forest, farming and hunting activities are combined together. That is why they are settings of a great biodiversity and the “home” of the fighting bull.

Salamanca is the province which has the highest number of meadows in Spain. And the province with the highest number of fighting bulls. So, this is a good place to get to know and enjoy the ecosystem and, especially, the animal which is said to be the noblest one, despite its ferocity.

This province keeps priceless natural treasures The Route of the Fighting Bull which is being suggested here goes through the Campo Charro, Ciudad Rodrigo, el Countryside of Ledesma and the roundabouts of the city, all of them areas of cultural, artistic and landscape Interest.

The uniqueness of the image of the fighting bull in its natural environment, which a really beautiful view, can be enjoyed in any of these fincas You can also get to know the fighting bull breeding, enjoy the unique rich ecosystem and taste any of the delicious dishes.

Ganadería Adelaida Rodríguez. Finca “Zarzosillo de Abajo”

The “Zarzosillo” is located at the bottom of the Peña de Francia, in the south the province of Salamanca.

Ganadería Antonio Palla. Finca “Gusende Moscosa”

The bulls bred by Antonio Palla (genetic recombination with Juan Pedro Domecq y Díez, and Jandilla), are harmoniously well-proportioned.

Ganadería El Pilar. Finca “El Puerto de la Calderilla”

The ganadería of El Pilar is located in the village of Tejeda y Segoyuela, in the north of Sierra Mayor, which, at the same time is part of the mountain range of the Sierra de Francia.

Ganadería Hermanos Valverde. Finca “Valverde de Gonzaliañez”

The Valverde family has been linked to the countryside, cattle breeding and horse riding for five generations. “Valverde de gonzaliañez” is located a few minutes from Salamanca, in the heart of the countryside of Salamanca.

Ganadería José Cruz. Finca “Cabezal Viejo”

The finca belongs to the village of La Encina, Salamanca, only 8 Kilometres far from Ciudad Rodrigo. You can enjoy here beautiful holm oaks on different settings: forest, “montanera” lands, valleys and meadows.

Ganadería Los Bayones. Finca “El Vecino”

The finca “El Vecino” is located in Calzada de Don Diego, 20 km. far from Salamanca, and i covers a surface of 350 hectares.