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  • Foire du Théâtre de Castille-et-Léon
    Foire du Théâtre de Castille-et-Léon

Theatre Fair of Castile and Leon

In the summer period, Ciudad Rodrigo hosts the Theatre Fair of Castile and Leon. This is an event where the public and theatre agents and producers have the chance to get to know the latest entertainment news. The Theatre Companies of Castile and Leon, Extremadura and Portugal deserve a special attention.

The singular heritage sites of this city turn into improvised stages to amaze the visitors. There are street performances as well as indoor theatre plays; these last ones are very popular among the public, in such a way that it is very frequent to see “Sold out” in the ticket offices.

There are also workshops for children and young people, parades, dancing, performances, comedy theatre, sketches,  …

This is a very special occasion to enjoy an amazing atmosphere and unique cultural proposals.

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