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  • The dehesa
    La dehesa

The dehesa

Although the province of Salamanca offers a great variety of landscapes, snowy summits, sierras, valleys, canyons and plains, the dehesa is undoubtedly the most significant landscape; these are places full of holm oak trees and some oak trees which reach the horizon.

The native cattle breeds are raised in these extensive livestock pastures; the main native cattle breed in Salamanca is the “morucha”, which has been awarded the Protected Geographical Indication” label; and the native pig breed is the Iberian Pig; these pigs look for acorns constantly during the “montanera” season (autumn acorn-feeding season).

But the dehesa is the home of the fighting bull. It is born there and it is bred in the more than two hundred bull livestocks (ganaderias) existing in Salamanca. It is not difficult to see the bulls behind the fences in the centre and west of the province.

This is an exceptional ecosystem which is an example of sustainable development and environmental respect. There exists a way of life in the dehesas, as we can see in the hermitages and big houses, customs and beliefs.

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