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  • The Silver Way
    The Silver Way

The Silver Way: the southern Way of Saint James

The Silver Way, which goes from Seville to Astorga, has enhanced for centuries the circulation of people, goods and ideas. After the discovery of Apostle Saint James's tomb, it became a pilgrimage: the southern Way of Saint James. Parallel to the latter is the Silver Road, of a rather wider and more touristic character.

More than 100 kilometres of pilgrimage go through the Salamancan lands. From the snow-capped mountains of the Sierra de Béjar and Candelario in the south, the Way goes through chestnut woods and pastures to finally reach the northern cereal plains.

Also, the pilgrim may be fascinated by the imposing historical heritage available: the Roman road itself with its milestones, the bridge of La Malena, the small fortress of La Calzada de Béjar or the Roman bridge of Salamanca, a World Heritage City.

Properly signposted and provided with hostels all the way through, the Salamancan stage of the journey allows for unforgettable inner travel.

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