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  • Sendero de las Piedras Mágicas
    Sendero de las Piedras Mágicas

Sendero de las Piedras Mágicas

The roundabouts of the small village of La Redonda offer a simple but beautiful landscape, The histoy, men´s imagination and popular tradition have added to this land some mystery and magical effects.

This circular 9 km long pathis is easy, and goes trough small streets, remains of Roman paths and along the flowery banks of the river Morgáez.

The path looks for those places that are marked by history, such as the dolmen of Pedazos de la Mata, or for those places which are part of the history, such as the “Forgiveness” stone, or simple for those places which remind us of the old daily life, such as the washing place or the laundry women shelter.

Fountains, pontoon bridges, bridges, slabs or burials complete this collection of millenary stones, transformed by time and the properties that the human beings have given to them.

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