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  • El Noveno (Le Neuvième)

Noveno festival

The roots of this celebration can be found in the history itself: from the 16th century, the village of San Felices and some other ones near it – Puerto Seguro and Ahigal de los Aceiteros- had to pay the ninth part of its production to the House of Alba. After many trials and disputes, on the 11th May 1852, a Royal judgement was issued; it cancelled the payment of this tax.

From that time, this festival takes place on the second weekend of May. The historical judgement is read and the fighting bulls had an important role; there are bull runs and bullfights in one of the most beautiful bull rings of the province.

In the Main Square, they “build” an original bull ring using carts. Over the cart platforms, the inhabitants of the village and visitors enjoy the bull festival.

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