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  • Ethnological museum in Puerto Seguro
    Ethnological museum in Puerto Seguro

Ethnological museum in Puerto Seguro

The ethnological museum of Puerto Seguro is a particular initiative open to both the locals and the travellers. In a restored traditional house, the museum gathers an ethnographic collection of objects donated by the locals of Puerto Seguro and the inhabitants of close villages, both Spanish and Portuguese.

In each of the spaces of the museum, there is an attempt to capture traditional life. This way, we can find farming tools in the entrance or tenao, while some architectural elements have been placed in the courtyard or pen, as well as major and minor basins, stone benches, engraved tiles, locks and iron fittings. The old stable, set up as a restoration workshop, hosts objects and tools associated with horses, animals and hunting. In the hall, there is a well inside the house, an old public telephone and an old pot stand. The small bedroom preserves the furniture, the trousseau and the objetcs typical of the dwelling.

The living room was the largest room in the house, yet in times it was organised in three spaces: two bedrooms separated by a wall and isolated in turn from the living room by means of curtains. Now clear, the room has been dedicated to slaughter, trades and also used as a school. Finally, the kitchen is preserved just the way the last dwellers had it.

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