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  • Puente del Congosto Castle
    Puente del Congosto Castle

Puente del Congosto Castle

There are few landscapes in Salamanca as breathtaking as the village of Puente Congosto with the uncontrollable river Tormes, the medieval bridge and the castle. In fact, the main function of the castle is defending the bridge, which is also the Cañada Real Soriana Occidental.

The fortress started to be built in the middle of the 15th century by the owner of this land, Gil Gonzalez. Due to different reasons, the castle was related to the Order of Calatrava, but, after the War of Las Comunidades, it remained connected to the House of Alba.
During the Independence War, a French military detachment spoilt it.Then, it started to decline in 1881, when the right to charge the cattle right of way, called “el pontazgo” disappeared. Later on, it was bought by a family who restored it and turned it into their home.
The castle has a hexagonal irregular floor plan, with a round turret in one end of the fence and an inner ward which is the access to the inner site. The Tower Keep stands out and is distributed in four floors with a flat roof at the top from where we can get amazing views of this medieval site. The highest part is finished with battlements and machicolations. 

Note: only outside visit.

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