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  • Candelario


The weather and cultural conditions of the area have brought as a result a distinctive popular architecture, which finds the utmost expression in Candelario, declared Historical Site. A walk through the streets of this village let us see the pigmeat industry factory-houses with the “batipuerta” (half door which is situated before the house door to protect this last one) and the “regaderas”  (small water channels along the streets) through where the water from the sierra comes down.

Groups of white houses get together along the steep streets, where we can see the “regaderas”, those urban small channels through where the water from the snow and natural springs come down.

The village can be proud of its pigmeat industry tradition, which is many centuries old, when the people used to carry the delicious food on the back of their horses to the court. In fact, Candelario was the village where the idiom “atar los perros con longaniza” was born, in order to mean that it used to be a rich place.

At the entrance of the houses there is a “Batipuerta”, half door made of wood which stopped the animals or snow from getting inside the houses. Other elements of the factory-house are the slaughtering room and the big “sobrao” (attic), where they used to cure the meat with smoke. A dramatized visit to the Pigmeat industry house let us get to know this way of life.

The natural environment offers us many possibilities: hiking, horse riding, skiing, cycling or the emotions of the mountain sports.

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