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  • Plaza Mayor de La Alberca
    Plaza Mayor de La Alberca

Route of the Historical Sites

There are fifteen villages that have been declared “Historical Sites” in the province of Salamanca, the capital city itself is one of them and it is was also declared “World Heritage”:

It is not a coincidence that six of these places are located in the Sierra de Francia: La Alberca, Mogarraz, Miranda del Castañar, Sequeros, San Martin del Castañar and Villanueva del Conde. In the nearby Sierra de Bejar, there are other villages: Bejar, Candelario and Montemayor del Rio, which are near the Via de la Plata.

The symbolic place of the boundary, which was a fighting area in the past, is represented by Ciudad Rodrigo and San Felices de los Gallegos. And the plains are dignified with the presence of the historic sites of Ledesma, Peñaranda de Bracamonte, Alba de Tormes and the city of Samanaca.

The “Calzada de la Plata” was declared Site of Cultural Interest, having the category of Historic Site.

Conjuntos Históricos en la provincia de Salamanca

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