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Ledesma, the old Bletisa, lies down over a hill carved out by the river Tormes. It has been declared Historical Site. It is located in the middle-north end of the province of Salamanca. It borders with the Sayago area in Zamora; both of them share the same landscape, history, culture and traditions.

In this area there are lots of meadows, wide plains with some small hills and slopes of the river Tormes, which develop the Protected Natural Site of Las Arribes Natural Park near Portugal.

Ledesma has interesting Roman remains such as the Mocho Bridge; there is a boar in the gardens of the Fortress and an impressive menhir; both of them date back from earlier periods.

Santa Maria la Mayor is one of the churches we can visit in Ledesma; it is a Gothic Church, one of the best in the province, and it has an interesting religious art museum inside. They are also interesting visits the church of Santa Elena, the old Hospital of San Jose, the Alhondiga building and several big stately houses.

You should start your visit in the Church of San Miguel, housed by Betlisa (Historical Interpretation centre of Ledesma) and continue your route following the signposts.

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Interesting places

“The Fortress”: Ledesma Castle

Know as the Fortress, the castle was built in the south-west of the town, far from the river, in order to defend the areas which were exposed by means of the orography.

Its origins date…

Corpus Christ in Ledesma

The most important fiestas in Ledesma are celebrated in June, the Corpus Christi celebration. The streets of the old town are decorated with embroidered clothes on the balconies and thyme and…

Historic Interpretation Centre of Ledesma

The history of Ledesma is the history of all the villages and civilizations that have occupied this fortified place and have also taken control of the river Tormes.

From Prehistoric to…