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  • Rutas desde Pereña

MTB Centre of Pereña

The MTB Centre of Pereña is the starting point of 7 mountain bike routes. There are more than 120 kilometres of properly signaled paths which connect the village of Pereña with the neighbouring village of Villarino de los Aires.

The cyclists will also be able to enjoy some Interpretative Centres, the Teso de San Cristóbal, the Molino del Pasadero and the Chapel of the Virgen del Castillo.

The net of paths go through beautiful landscapes, such as the Pozo Airón and the Pozo de los Humos.

This net of paths is a high level difficulty one, because the cyclists are led through steep slopes along a great part of Las Arribes del Duero, so it is advisable to have a previous knowledge about the mountain biking technique.

One of the main highlights of this MTB Centre, apart from the difficulty and interesting net of routes, is focused on two downhill lanes (Freeride) which are located on the way down to Ambasaguas setting, in Villarino de los Aires,; they allow the cyclists to descend quickly and make it possible to jump, descend along twisted interlinked bends, “trialeras” (uneven steep slopes), etc .

The village of Pereña, known as the Balcón de Las Arribes, has amazing natural settings, such as the Pozo de los Humos. This is a beautiful 50 metres high waterfall, It owes its name to the cloud of vapour that appears when the water gets in contact with the rocks when it fall down. The Pozo Airón is also worth a visit, a waterfall which hides under the falling water a small cave that can be easily reached.

Besides, Pereña also offers magnificent views over Las Arribes del Duero; in this place you can see some birds flying around: golden Eagles, Egyptian vultures, and the endangered black storks.

An important place around here is the 18th century Chapel of Nuestra Señora del Castillo, or the remains of an old Veton fortified settlement, which was afterwards romanized; a Roman funerary stele was re-used on the wall of the Casa del Ermitaño, and this stele together with the Palla Rubia cave paintings remind us of the Roman origins of this village.

The centre of Pereña is very interesting for the visitors, who can discover its traditional architecture, its Gothic Church, its unique underground cellar or its streets with Arab names.

The routes finish in Villarino de los Aires, Natural Door to the Arribes del Duero Natural Park and has façades made of whitewashed stone and underground cellars with stone arcades which remind us of the wine tradition of the village.

In Villarino there are also some lookouts over the rivers Duero or Tormes: Mirador de la Faya; or Ambasaguas; this last one is a place to enjoy and relax peacefully; it is the place where the river Tormes flows into the great Duero.

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