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  • Rutas de cicloturismo desde Hinojosa

MTB Centre of Hinojosa de Duero

There are 8 routes which start in the MTB Centre of Hinojosa; these routes are ideal to practice mountain bike; more than 130 kilometres of paths which are properly signaled and classified according to the level of difficulty; these routes connect the village of Hinojosa de Duero with the neighgouring La Fregeneda and Lumbrales, going through the most amazing landscapes of Las Arribes del Duero and some outstanding heritage sites, such as Las Merchanas Fortified Settlement (archaeological site of the Veton territory) or the magnificent railway facilities of La Fuente de San Esteban-Barca d´Alva railway line, both of them declared to be of National Tourist Interest.

Apart from practising mountain-biking in these routes, there is another option, practising Geocoaching, an adventure game available for GPS users focused of the hidden treasure searching.

Hinojosa de Duero, the starting point of these routes, is one of the most beautiful villages in the north-west of the province.

From any of the viewpoints of the area you can enjoy the sight of the gorges and squeezed rivers which are typical of the amazing landscape of the Arribes del Duero Natural Park: the Cachón del Camaces lookout and Contrabando lookout, or the Peña de la Vela lookout, among others.

On the house walls of Hinojosa de Duero we can see some Roman steles, which come from the sites of Moncalvo and Cabeza de San Pedro, as well as the remains of the railway which used to connect La Fuente de San Esteban with Barca d’Alva, in Portugal.

Besides, its fiestas, of tourist interest, or its gastronomy (the cheese has become the best product in the village) make the village become a first class tourist destination.

Lumbrales is the most important village in the region of El Abadengo and the entrance place to Las Arribes del Duero Natural Park.

The Casa del Conde, Reception Centre for visitors of the Vetton Territory is located in Lumbrales and includes one of the most important Vetton fortified settlements in the province, Las Merchanas settlement (For further information: Archaeology. Veton Territory)

The route continues towards the boundary village of La Fregeneda, one of the doors which joins Spain and our neighbour country Portugal. La Fregeneda offers the visitor the opportunity to sail from Vega Terrón quay to the city of Oporto city or you can also practise different kinds of adventure sports.

Nevertheless, one of the most appreciated and well-known tourist resources in La Fregeneda is the number of bridges and tunnels which are part of the railway which used to connect La Fuente de San Esteban with Barca d’Alva; in Portugal: 13 metallic bridges and 20 tunnels were built just in the last 17 kilometres stretch of the line

The almonds blooming spectacle is at least as overwhelming as the ones before mentioned. The landscape becomes pink and white when the spring blooming takes place and this is a tourist attraction, as it is shown by the celebration of the Fiesta del Almendro, which takes place announcing that the spring is nearly to come.

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