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Sierra de Béjar y Candelario

Sierra de Béjar y Candelario

Sierra de Béjar y Candelario

This area is the highest in the province. In fact, it is very common to see the snowy mountains all through the year in the only icy area in the province of Salamanca. This privileged scenery earned it being declared by the UNESCO, together with The Sierra de Francia, Biosphere Reserve.

The Sierra de Bejar is part of the Sistema Central, which is a range of mountains located in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula. El Cenchal de la Ceja and El Calvitero, which are over 2.400 metres high, are the highest peaks in these mountains.

Bejar, Candelario and Montemayor del Rio, declared Historical Sites, are only three of the interesting villages and towns of this area, which is worth visiting, in order to enjoy its geography, history, traditions and culture.

Not to be missed

Skiing at Covatilla ski resort

If you are looking for snow sensations, you can enjoy Sierra de Béjar-La Covatilla Ski Resort, 80 kilometres far from the city of Salmanca and close to Béjar and Candelario.

Blues Festival of Béjar

Béjar, very well known by its good quality clothing and nowadays by its historical site and tourist centre of the sierra, is also a national cultural site.

The Candelario Sierra. Glacier summits and cirques

More than 10.000 hectares on mountainous land belong to this part of the Sistema Central from Salamanca. There are summits which are over 2.400 metres high.

Our Villages



The town of Bejar, declared Historical Site, remembers its medieval history by means of a defensive wall and the rooted tradition of the Moss Men (Hombres de Musgo).



The weather and cultural conditions of the area have brought as a result a distinctive popular architecture, which finds the utmost expression in Candelario, declared Historical Site.

Montemayor del Río

Montemayor del Río

Due to the fact of being situated in a strategic position, near the main communication routes – the Calzada and La Plata Cattle route – this village was traditionally the watch over place between t


Casa Chacinera Museum

This especial ethnographic museum is located in an old pig-meat industry house from the early 20th century. It is focused on the main economical activity of the village, the pig-meat industry, which made the place famous in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Jewish Museum David Melul

An engineer from Melilla, David Melul, who was in love with the Town of Bejar, was the first benefactor and cultural promoter of this museum which tries to pay tribute to the Spanish Jews, called Sephardi Jews. 

Mateo Hernández Sculpture Museum

Opened in 1980, this museum is located on the remains of the old church of San Gil, whose apse is nowadays a temporal exhibition room.