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  • Corpus Christi Festivity in Béjar

Corpus Christi festivity in Béjar

The Corpus Christi festivity has its own name: Los Hombres de Musgo (Moss Men). Some inhabitants dressed up with this material (moss), take part of the procession. Due to this original way of being dressed, the fiesta has been declared of National Tourist Interest.

At the beginning of the day, it is very interesting to see how these eight inhabitants of the town get dressed with the moss in the convent of San Francisco. The vegetal wrapping of each person weighs up to 12 kilograms.

Under a hail of petals and thyme, the procession made up with the local corporation, members of the brotherhoods, Holy Communion children and Musk Men walk along the streets. The Procession finishes in the Main Square, in front of the church of El Salvador, with the flags paying tribute to the Holy Sacrament.

Its origins are uncertain. An old legend says that these men are connected with the reconquest of the villa by the Christians; at that time the villa was occupied by the Arabs. However, some current research connects them with a 15th century theatre performance which was traditionally related to the universal tradition of the “wild man”.

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