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  • Museo Mateo Hernández
    Mateo Hernandez Sculpture Museum

Mateo Hernández Sculpture Museum

Opened in 1980, this museum is located on the remains of the old church of San Gil, whose apse is nowadays a temporal exhibition room.

The most important part of the collection includes the works of art donated by the sculptor Mateo Hernandez to the Spanish nation just before dying in 1949, and by another sculptor, Francisco Gonzalez Macias.

Around 50 sculptures by Mateo Hernandez are considered the main part of the collection; there are some sculptures of animals, portraits and human figures such as “Las Bañistas” (“The Bathers”), which is his most famous work. These sculptures carved directly in granite or other materials show a particular style and they are beautifully polished; these are always the main features of the sculptor.

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