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  • El Bosque Garden

El Bosque Garden

El Bosque is located near the town of Bejar and it is one the clear examples of romantic gardens in the region.

The Ducat of Bejar, in particular Don Francisco de Zuñiga y Sotomayor, commissioned the construction of this garden. In a nearby garden which had plenty of water, they built a place for retirement, ideal to stroll, with all the elements of that time, such as an arbour, pond, fountains, paths and staircases.

If you stroll along the garden, you can see the 16th century old small palace and the nearby big pond where the boats used to sail. There are paths and staircases, hidden benches or fountains, surrounded by a thick wood.

The big high trees belong to native and foreign species. It is believed that they come from the same period as the rest of the site and they are a colourful spectacle when the different seasons arrive.

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