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Salamanca is a place to lose yourself and your senses. A paradise to enjoy hefty and nutritious main courses such as Guijuelo cured ham, Iberian cold cuts, the traditional “hornazo” or the “farinato” from Ciudad Rodrigo; stews and hotpots with lentils from La Armuña, or chickpeas from Pedrosillo; second courses with Morucha or Charra veal, and desserts elaborated with cheeses from Las Arribes...and all washed down with wines from Arribes del Duero or from the nearest mountains. Come into this high quality pantry and enjoy the good food! Many of the most traditional products of Salamanca have Protected Designation of Origin, Protected Geographical Indication and Certification Mark.

La Armuña Lentil

To the north of the capital is situated La Armuña, an ideal region for cereal and pulse crops due to its rich soils. Among these products, the lentil excels as proved its Protected Geographical Indication.

Guijuelo cured ham

There are few feelings comparable to taste a slice of Guijuelo cured ham. Deep red or pale pink in colour, the lean meat shows a soft shiny greasy surface. Its intense smell and evolving taste make its tasting a real pleasure. 

Chickpea from Pedrosillo: the perfect chickpea

The fame of the chickpea from Pedrosillo gets that far that in the rest of Spain other types of small chickpeas are also named pedrosillano chickpeas. They come from the municipality of Pedrosillo el Ralo, in the region of La Armuña, though they are also cultivated in the bordering villages.

Morucha Veal

The large dehesas are the habitat of the Morucha cow, the local breed of Salamanca. Under holm oaks and oak groves, livestocks freely graze and feed on the excellent spring pastures.

Charra Veal. The essence of the dehesa

The Charra Veal is under the Certification Mark of the same denomination that makes reference to fresh meat of beefs, born, bred and fatten in Salamanca.

Iberian products of Salamanca. Certified quality

Iberian products of Salamanca mean quality. This Certification Mark, recognised in 2005, offers selected Iberian products of Salamanca, in particular steaks, chorizos, salchichones, cured hams and pork shoulders.