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Salamanca offers different routes which allow the visitors to enjoy the natural settings which are environmentally interesting, such as the Sierras de Francia and Béjar and the Natural Park Arribes del Duero, declared UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The Sierras de Béjar and Francia cover a surface of arond 200.000 hectares, which make them become the biggest Reserve of the region and the third one in Spain. In these mountain ranges we can find Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia Natural Park and Las Quilamas; we can walk through all of them following the suggested routes.

There are magical paths included in the Natural Park of Arribes del Duero, which is part of the “Iberian Plain” Reserve and the biggest boundary natural park in Europe.

Around these green places, there are charming towns and villages, places where you can walk peacefully, calmly and take a break to see the views, relax and taste any of the typical products and dishes of this land.

Nature Art Paths, in the Sierra de Francia

Four interesting routes located in the amazing region of the Sierra de Francia are included in the Nature Art Paths (Caminos de Arte en la Naturaleza).

The three rivers route

The three rivers Route is a circular path, easy for everybody. It starts and finishes in the Main Square of Sotoserrano.

El Camino de los Prodigios

The Camino de los Prodigios is located in the south of the provice of Salamanca, In the Bisophere Reserve of the Sierras de Bejar and Francia.

El Sendero del Aceite

This landscape influenced by the olive oil, its culture and the traces on the people of these villages, plays the most important role in this circular path which connects the historical site of San Felices de los Gallegos and the village of Ahigal de los Aceiteros.

Rock wine-presses route

The wine-making tradition in San Esteban de la Sierra is reflected in the Route of the Rock Wine-presses, a circular 13 km long route. You can make it in five or six hours if you walk peacefully enjoyng the different resources.

El Asentadero – Bosque de los Espejos

This is a 9,2 kilometres circular route which connects the villages of San Martín del Castañar, Sequeros and Las Casas del Conde.

It is the ideal itinerary to enjoy the Natural Park of Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia, where some surprising works of art have been installed.