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  • Las Honfrías Path
    Las Honfrías Path

Las Honfrías Path

Around the environment of Linares de Riofrío we can find La Honfría, a thick forest full of hollies, chestnut trees, hazelnuts, wild cherry trees, elder and Pyrenean oaks. In this environment there is a circular 7 kilometres route available for everybody; it takes the visitors into a vegetal Paradise, with fountains which spring up from the inner depths of the Earth. They are famous healthy natural springs, such as La Morana.

Near the village, at the beginning of the path, there are some wood stoves painted with brown lime. This building material was obtained after oiling the lime for several days. This profession widely extended in the north of Las Quilamas gave as a result the name of the area: La Calería.

These lands have always been surrounded by magic and mystery In fact, in 1979 several scenes of the film “El nido” were shot in this area. This film was directed by Jaime de Armiñán and it is believed to be a masterpiece of the Spanish filming.

In Linares you can try some simple but full of flavour dishes suc as ”Revolconas” or “meneás” smashed potatoes, delicious meat, autumn mushrooms, the “hornazo”, the “bollo maimón”, all of them delicious gastronomy dishes in the area. There are also strawberries, which have always been grown in Linares.

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