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Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Salamanca offers unique landscapes, which means there is a great environmental diversity. On the other hand, the strategic location of Salamanca, half way between the Mediterranean world and the Atlantic one, in the middle of the migratory route of many birds, makes our province become a privileged place for bird watching.

Other interesting wet areas

These are interesting hábitats with thick aquatic vegetation, sometimes around meadow landscapes. These areas are said to be Wet Areas of Special Interest. They are also the migratory routes for aquatic birds when they fly away in spring and summer.

Birding Local Companies

Several Salamanca companies, specialized in ornithological tourism, offer their professional services to visitors and tourists, in order to get the most out of the walks and bird watching routes.


In these environments, we can point out the existence of different kinds of birds:  great bustards, golden eagles, bonelli´s eagles, Spanish imperial eagles, black storks, great flocks of griffon vultures and black vultures, not forgetting the colourful little birds, the magic bee-eaters, the alw