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  • The typical slaughter of pig in Guijuelo
    The typical slaughter of pig in Guijuelo

The typical slaughter of pig in Guijuelo

In winter, when the weather becomes harsh, takes place one of the most rooted traditional rituals in Salamanca: the slaughter of pig. This event set the time of the familiar economy for years, as families and servants lived on this animal the whole year.

To recognize the importance of this heritage and the excellent quality of raw materials of this province, some years ago emerged the happy idea of recovering the ritual and celebrating the Sessions of The Slaughter.

The first village to start the adventure was Guijuelo. So, for several weekends in January and February the slaughter, cutting and transformation of the pig is recreated. Locals and well-known guests, the “matanceros de honor", share the joy of this celebration.

The initial success has been consolidated to the extent that this fiesta has been considered of regional interest. Other villages have taken note and also celebrate their own slaughter festival. To spread the celebration around and its ethnographic value, a circuit of celebrations from December to March has been created. These celebrations combine tradition and gastronomy and they take place in 25 municipalities of the province.

Each one of them contributes with its own particular way of developing this tradition that has always a main character: the pig, around which a great transforming industry has established in the province. Under the guidance of a master of ceremonies, the visitor can observe the typical tasks involved in the slaughter, the selection of meats and preparation and elaboration of cold cuts, as well as witness the clothing and instruments used for this ritual that has passed on from a generation to the next. Furthermore, tastings of products that result from this tradition are offered, as well as local sweets, as perrunillas, biscuits made with lard, flour and almonds.

Sessions of the Slaughter in Guijuelo:

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