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The rivers and tributaries which cross the province favour the formation of small lakes and building of reservoirs. Due to this fact, Salamanca is an ideal province to fish, especially salmonidae.

There are fishing preserves in different parts of the river Tormes, in El Chorrón (near Santa Teresa dam), Tormes, Galisancho, Alba de Tormes and Villagonzalo (near Encinas de Abajo) for salmonidae fishing.

Besides, a small percentage of water has been kept for sport competitions, social events of the nearby villages and for the public in general; these activities are organized by the “Escenarios Deportivo Sociales” institution (Sport-Social Sceneries); in Salamanca we have the same activities in the river Tormes near the Reservoir of Santa Teresa and in Villamayor.

There are also Controlled Waters, stretches of the river where it is allowed to fish the common trout and other species in a sustainable way. In order to guarantee the sustainability of the resource, theses stretches have two limits: the number of fishermen per day and the number of captured fish. If you want to enjoy a hunting day around these areas you should obtained a free control card. These areas of the province are located in the rivers Agueda, Frio and in Mayas, around the Irueña Reservoir, among the villages of El Payo, Fuenteguinaldo, Peñaparda, Villasrubias y Robleda

You can also fish trout in the some controlled waters flowing in rivers of Sierra de Gata, Francia and Bejar.


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