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  • Centre de conservation de la biodiversité de Las Arribes del Duero

Biodiversity Conservation Centre of Las Arribes del Duero

If you want to get to know more deeply this area, you can visit the Biodiversity Conservation Centre of Las Arribes del Duero, located in Vilvestre.

This environmental interpretation centre offers three different approaches about the national heritage of the area: didactic, tourist and ecological ones. They offer workshops and activities for young students. A world of surprises is offered to the tourists. And anyone who visits it will find a new way of approaching the environmental awareness. 

Apart from giving information and teaching, this centre was born with the goal of recovering native species by means of an ecological greenhouse and a seed bank which has different local varieties of homegrown vegetables, orange trees, apple trees, almond trees,…some of them are close to extinction. There is also an environmental tourism hostel.

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