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  • MTB routes from Aldeadávila de la Ribera

MTB Centre of Aldeadávila de la Ribera

Eight cycling routes for practising mountain bike begin in the MTB Centre of Aldeadávila, three of them of low level of difficulty, one of middle level of difficulty and four of high level of difficulty. They are more than 250 km of properly signaled paths which are classified according to the level of difficulty, one path runs from Aldeadávila de la Ribera to Masueco; another one from La Zarza de Pumareda and Mieza, going through some of the most beautiful and representative landscapes of Las Arribes, such as the Pozo de los Humos in Masueco, El Picón de Felipe in Adeadávila, el Mirador de La Code in Mieza, etc.

The cyclists will be able to enjoy different paths from the point of view of their difficulty, from the easiest ones to the ones which will be the best option for those ones who like testing their physical endurance with the mountain bike.

Besides, the net of signaled paths offer seven categories of different levels of difficulty, which lead the cyclists to return paths, amazing lookouts, as well as some other natural highlights. 

The bike is the ideal way of transport to practise cycle tourism in this area of the province. Aldeadávila de la Ribera is worth a visit; the village, crowned by the 16th century tower; its chapels. Besides, the cyclists will be able to enjoy the area around the village; they will be able to run through hundred-year.old olive trees, vineyards full of grapes and almond trees which are a display of beauty in the blooming period. The sight from the lookouts is overwhelming as well. .

If you cycle along this path you can also enjoy La Zarza de Pumareda, a village where there are a lot of amazing sights: the popular architecture – the stone and mud play the most important role-, the Cascada del Polvorín, a waterfall of clear water and the flour mills; cycling along this route will be an unforgettable experience.

The route also crosses the village of Mieza, very well know for the lookouts over the river Duero: These are some of the lookouts: Mirador del Cura, Águila, Colagón del Tío Paco, La Peña de la Salve, or the magnificent Mirador de La Code, among others. In the Mirador de La Code the cyclists will be able to enjoy one of the most overwhelming views of the Duero, flowing squeezed along this land. In Mieza, they have some traditional food and drink, such as almond roscas, firewater, pies, cold meat, kid and wine.  

A stop at Masueco de la Ribera is a must if you want to visit one of the villages which offer important natural and heritage resources in the area of Las Arribel del Duero.,

The river Uces determines the personality of this village; the river gets squeezed until it flows into the very well known Pozo de los Humos, a 50 metres high waterfal which owes its name to the vapour cloud that is produced when it shrply falls down. Apart from the visual natural view of El Pozo de los Humos, we can also enjoy other waterfalls, rocks sculptured by the water or many flour mills, which are abandoned, and were built on the banks of the river Uces.  

The centre of the village also offer some heritage jewels, such as the 15th century parish church, with a tower which was set towards one side for about 40 centimetres; the Ermita del Humilladero; the old 17th century Seminary; the recovered public washing place, etc In the Palla Rubia, which is located far from the village, there are also some archaeologically valuable cave paintings.

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