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MTB Centre of Saucelle

The MTB Centre of Saucelle is the starting point of 7 mountain bike routes. There are more than 115 kilometres of properly signaled paths which connect the village of Saucelle with the neighbouring village of Vilvestre, crossing on the way the most famous landscapes of Las Arribes del Duero, thanks to a wide net of natural lookouts, to finally reach the waters of the river Duero.

The villaje of Sucelle, in the heart of Las Arribes del Duero, stands out for its architectonic heritage and the beauty of its natural landscapes. The hydraulic dam combines the beauty of the natural landscape and one of the most important engineering buildings Las Arribes. Close to the dam we can find the place called Salto de Saucelle, which was built to shelter the families of the workers who built the dam and nowadays offers accommodation to tourists.

The suggested MTB routes finish in Vilvestre; this village has an archaeological site known as the Santuario Rupestre del Castillo, as well as remains of the wall and the castle near the church.

Vilvestre also has an entertaining area, La Barca, with a picnic area, a shelter and a river dock where you can start your sailing along the river Duero.

In the centre of the village there is a surprising pillory of Manueline style, impressive and delicate at the same time, declared of Cultural Interest in 1963. At the top of the village, the oldest part, it is also possible to see unique traditional medieval buildings, such as low houses with “sobrao”(attic)..

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