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An amazing archaeological adventure is waiting for the visitor, from the hidden schematic paintings in Las Batuecas to the cave paintings in Siega Verde, declared World Heritage. We cannot forget the Roman culture, whose trace can be seen in the old gold mine of Las Cavenes, and the pre-Roman one, whose traces are the Veton fortified settlements in Yecla de Yeltes and Las Merchanas in Lumbrales.

Salamanca also houses some fossil remains which are 450 million years old, and can still be seen in Monsagro.

  • Siega Verde

    Siega Verde

    The archaeological site of Siega Verde is located in the west of Salamanca, in the region of Ciudad Rodrigo.

  • Yecla de Yeltes Fortified Settlement

    Yecla de Yeltes Fortified Settlement

    The fortified settlement of Yecla de Yeltes, also known as “The Castle”, is located 2 km far from the village of Yecla, and it is one of the most amazing pre-Roman fortifications in the Iberian Pen