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  • El Pozo de los Humos
    El Pozo de los Humos

Pozo de los Humos

When the rainy season comes, it is essential to visit the Pozo de los Humos. This waterfall is located between the villages of Pereña de la Ribera and Masueco.

The 50-metre high waterfall of the river Uces plunges into an amazing sheet of water. A kind of vapour cloud appears over the waterfall, it is like a kind of mist which looks like smoke.

The river Uces forks in that place. On one side, we can see the Pozo de los Humos and on the other side, the very well known Pozo de las Vacas; apparently, this last one owes its name from the fact that an ox cart full of grain fell off a cliff in that place.

The trip to the waterfall is comfortable; the beginning of the trip can be done by car and the last part on foot. Due to the fact that the waterfall is inside the Arribes del Duero natural Park, it is frequent to see birds of prey flying around.

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