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  • Las Quilamas
    Las Quilamas

Las Quilamas

In the south of the province the relief turns out to be uneven, with not so high mountains (Pico Cervero, 1.463) and streams, such as the Quilamas or the Palla, flowing along different valleys. 

The landscape is covered by an amazing Mediterranean forest, which connects the holm oaks meadows and the nearby Las Batuecas Natural Park.

There are plenty of Pyrenean oak, and also arbutus, cork oaks, heath and holm oaks, together with chesnut trees and hollies. All of them together make up mixed forests where the shaded spots provide humidity and shelter, as in La Honfria. 

The most frequently seen birds around this area are black vultures, black storks, Egyptian vultures, golden eagles, peregrine falcons, …; there are also other animals such as wild boars, Asiatic wildcats, badgers, otters, foxes and rabbits. 

If you walk around this place, which is ideal for hiking, it is possible to hear Queen Quilama´s whispers, who wander around this land guarding a hidden treasure in the deepest part of a cave; it is said that she is opposite the Castle, bewitching anyone who tries to steal the treasure with her moans and songs

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