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  • Wine Sierra de Salamanca
    Wine Sierra de Salamanca

Wine Sierra de Salamanca

The designation of origin “Sierra de Salamanca” is located in the south-east of the province, with a production surface of about 500 km2. This is the last Protected Designation of Origin registered in Spain and one of the smallest ones.

In a small territory, the best features for the growing of vineyards can be observed: Mediterranean microclimate, steep slopes, granite and slate soils…

The main variety is “rufete”. This is a native variety of red grapes, fully adapted to this kind of soil. It grows in vineyards on the terraces over the river Alagon and this situation makes this wine become different. Other grape varieties are the garnacha tinta and the tempranillo, know in the area with the names of calabrés and aragonés.

This DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) is formed by 8 cellars and 70 winemakers, whoc follow the long wine tradition started by the Romans; they produce wines connected to theis area: fresh different elegant wines.

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