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  • “Legado Valeriano Salas” Museum

“Legado Valeriano Salas” Museum

Valeriano Salas was a restless fond of travelling man who was also a tireless photographer worried about art and culture. He went through Europe, Africa, Japan, India and Iran; he got the most of his works of art in these continents and countries and we can enjoy them in this museum, although some works of art have been added to the museum afterwards.

The collection is organized in several sections: European paintings, 19TH century Spanish paintings, European manufacture items and Oriental Art.

The first collection includes 16th and 19th century works of art from different Schools: Dutch-Flemish, French and German.

The collection of Limoges enamel and Sevres porcelain, together with the ivory and embroidered items, is the best part of the collection of industrial art.

The collection of Oriental Art is one of the most important ones in the region, including old illuminated Persian and Hindu manuscripts.

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