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  • Catedrales de La Armuña
    Cathedrals of La Armuña

Cathedrals of La Armuña

La Armuña are the territories north and east of the capital city, covered in cereal fields. The sight overlooks the whole horizon, which is solely interrupted by the silhouettes of the churches. Among these churches, three can be highlighted due to their spectacularity and the artistic treasures that they host: the Cathedrals of La Armuña.

The first church is located next to the capital city in the municipality of Villares de la Reina. The magnificent porch takes visitors to the inside, of a Latin cross layout. Masters like Juan Hernández and Fernando Gallego created valuable altarpieces covering the high altar, the arms of the Latin cross and the walls of the central nave. On the vault, “La Gloria” (the Glory) fresco catches the visitors’ attention.

In the municipality of Villaverde de Guareña, an excellent porch dominates the entrance of this 16th-century one-nave church, the inside decorated with a magnificent 6-row altarpiece.

The last of the three cathedrals is located in the municipality of Palencia de Negrilla: the church of La Santa Cruz (the Holy Cross). Of Mudejar ceiling and other Romanesque elements, the temple reached great splendour during the 16th century. The great altarpiece is also from said century and is dedicated to the Feast of the Cross. Oil on panel and sculptures are combined harmoniously in one of the most beautiful artistic sites in the province of Salamanca.

Catedrales de la Armuña

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