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  • El Rebollar
    El Rebollar

El Rebollar, a privileged natural area

Beyond Ciudad Rodrigo, this 50.000 hectares privileged natural area is hidden. It is a landscape full of stones and rocks where we can point out the Gata Mountains and its 1.592 metre main summit, the Peña de la Canchera. 

On the hillsides, we can find the biggest quercus pyrenaica oak forests which have an extraordinary biodiversity.

In fact, these lands are the natural habitat of Iberian lynxes – which is an endangered species- and other animals such as river otters, black vultures or black storks. 

There are beautiful “tunnel forests” on the natural water bed, and they are called like that due to the tunnel shape formed by the trees.  

The villages and inhabitants of this area have interesting traditions, such as their own “language”, which a very important cultural asset. 

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