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  • Breathtaking Landscapes due to the water
    Breathtaking Landscapes due to the water

Breathtaking Landscapes due to the water

Las Arribes del Duero and the Pozo de los Humos

In the north-west corner, in the border with Portugal, the river Duero and its tributaries have developed the longest net of river canyons in the Peninsula. Some magnificent dams have been built taking advantage of these steep slopes: Almendra, Aldeadávila and Saucelle.

Different routes and paths allow us to discover the most important settings of the park, such as the waterfalls in the Pozo de los Humos o the Cachón de Camaces, and the breathtaking lookouts facing the river Duero:the Mirador del Fraile, El Balcón de Felipe, La Code, Saucelle.

The Pozo de los Humos is perhaps the most famous waterfall in the west of Salamanca, located between the villages of Pereña de la Ribera and Masueco. The 50-metre high waterfall of the river Uces plunges into an amazing sheet of water. A kind of vapour cloud appears over the waterfall, it is like a kind of mist which looks like smoke.

El valle de las Batuecas

Las Batuecas is a magic valley, situated in the south of the province, near La Alberca. Due to the fact of being an intricate area surrounded by the mountains of the Sierra de Francia, Las Batuecas is the refuge for the local fauna and some hermits. Lope de Vega called it even “the everlasting happiness place”.

Some rivers such as the Francia or Alagon cross the intricate valleys, for example Las Batuecas, where we can find cave paintings, old hermitages or the Monastery of San Jose.

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