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  • Las Batuecas Tree Adventure Park
    Las Batuecas Tree Adventure Park

Las Batuecas Tree Adventure Park

This adventure park tree is a new funny original way of visiting a forest. A group of sport and leisure courses can be done in contact with the environment, just in the middle of trees with wooden platforms, bridges and rope bridges, suspended above different heights from the ground and offering a different view of the forest.

Located in the outskirts of La Alberca, it has got five circuits with 87 challenges or places where you can travel between trees.. It is the ideal option for a wide range of people, from the small children (4 year-olds) to those people who enjoy sport; it includes all kinds of challenges: long zip-lines, ropes, different kinds of bridges, ladders and nets between the tops of the trees.

If you want to take part in one of the circuits, you will have to be well-equipped with safety equipments and listen carefully to the monitor´s instructions; this one will give you the required safety techniques and rules, deciding which circuits you will be able to do according to your height, age and skills.

The Tree Adventure Park is a single activity which you will be able to do once you have passed the training circuit.

Each circuit lasts from 45 minutes (1 circuit) to 3 hours (4 circuits) approximately.

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