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  • Musée de la cathédrale et diocésain de Ciudad Rodrigo
    Musée de la cathédrale et diocésain de Ciudad Rodrigo

Cathedral Diocesan Museum

The richest and most complete museum in Ciudad Rodrigo is located in a stunning setting: the Cathedral. It has been recently created and it houses important archeological collections, among which we can point out some prehistoric relics found in the area, some vestiges of its Romanesque past (including some numismatic and funerary items) and some architectural remains from the different building stages of the Cathedral.

There is a second hall which shows liturgical items, putting special stress on a 13th century crosier from the School of Limoges, a collection of processional crosses and Isabelle the Catholic´s Breviary. The third hall shows different sculptures; important pieces such as a big Spanish-Philippine Ivory Christ, a 16th century carving of Santa Catalina de Alejandria and some seated virgins; all these items allow us to discover the development of this iconography. Finally, there are also important paintings, such as El Llanto sobre Abel Muerto or a magnificent San Miguel by Antonio Maria Esquivel.

The Museum finishes in the Forgiveness Portico, with an audiovisual which shows the old altarpiece of the Cathedral, painted in the Renaissance by Fernando Gallego. The visit also includes the access to the Cloister and Choir. 

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