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  • Ruta del Mudéjar
    Mudejar Route

Mudejar Route

If you visit the areas of Alba and Peñaranda, you will discover beautiful Mudejar churches. The Mudejar techniques were developed in these areas between the 12th and 13th centuries; this style was adapted to the Romanesque style, using the bricks as its identifying element. Then, in the 16th century, the style lived a second period of splendor, with magnificent woodwork.

This route includes 16 churches, which represent the combination of the Christian art and the Muslim style. In Alba de Tormes we can visit the churches of San Juan and Santiago. The first one stands out for the triple apse and the magnificent Apostolado. These churches and some more which disappeared in the past were the inspiration for the Romanesque-Mudejar style of the area, one of the most important in the country.

There are other churches which show the power of expression of the bricks: Coca, Galleguillos, Peñarandilla and Turra. The route finihes with the visit to the Romanesque-Mudejar apses of Aldeaseca de la Frontera, Gajates, Nava de Sotrobal, Paradinas de San Juan, Rágama and Villar de Gallimazo.

Some hidden treasures regarding this proposal are the amazing coffered ceilings that can be enjoyed inside some buildings in Macotera, Cantaracillo, Rágama or Villoria. They are authentic “mudejar skies”

Ruta del Mudéjar

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