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  • Coffered ceilings and altarpieces
    Coffered ceilings and altarpieces

Coffered ceilings and altarpieces

In many towns of the province of Salamanca, churches, chapels and convents maintain authentic artistic treasures. Simple and bare in the outside, the inside glitters thanks to two elements: the ceilings and the altarpieces.

With the aim of balancing weight, the gothic groin vaults are replaced by wooden, specially Mudejar ceilings. The so called "artesonado" coffered ceilings are, in fact, complex wooden armours in the shape of inverted kneading troughs, fixed to naves or vaults by using different geometric shapes.

Some of the most beautiful examples can be found in the parish churches of the villages of Macotera, Cantaracillo, Cantalpino, Villoria, Rágama, Zorita de la Frontera, Tordillos and Alba de Tormes.

And located in apses and small chapels, some spectacular altarpieces must also be highlighted, such as that of Diego de Siloé's in Santiago de la Puebla and that of Lucas Mitata's in Fuenteguinaldo. Also impressive are those which ornament the so called "Cathedrals" of La Armuña in the municipalities of Palencia de Negrilla, Villares de la Reina and Villaverde de Guareña.

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