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Las Arribes

Las Arribes

Not to be missed - Las Arribes


There are some viewpoints which are worth visiting, such as the Faya in Villarino de los Aires; the Virgin hermitage in Pereña; the Picon de Felipe or the Fraile balcony in Aldeadavila de la Ribera; the Code in Mieza; the castle of Vilvestre or the Janas in Saucelle.

Park House of Arribes del Duero

The tower or castle of Sobradillo, where the Natural Park House (Visitor Centre) of Arribes del Duero is located nowadays, was commissioned by Alfonso de Ocampo. It was part of the castle located on the defensive line facing Portugal.

Pozo de los Humos

When the rainy season comes, it is essential to visit the Pozo de los Humos. This waterfall is located between the villages of Pereña de la Ribera and Masueco.

Canyons and dams

In the north-west corner, the river Duero and its tributaries have carved an amazing chain of canyons, over which some spectacular dams and hydroelectric dams have been built.