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Textile Museum

This museum means the recognition of the link between the town and this industrial activity, which dates back to the 13th century. It is enough to say that in the mid-19th century there were 200 factories in Bejar, which produced 754.000 yards of cloths and employed around 4.000 people.

The museum is located in “San Albin” piece of land, in the old “Tintes Gilart” building and has two buildings joint in the middle, and a dam with its own turbine. It was born with the aim of preserving and becoming known the scientific and technical heritage which has been generated by the industry.

You can see inside 34 big textile machines and other smaller ones, which have been donated by individuals, companies and institutions. Additionally, several collections are shown, a collection of uniforms and a collection of buttons, being the collection of 37 sewing machines the most interesting ones.

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