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Sierra de Francia

Sierra de Francia

Gastronomy - Sierra de Francia

Wine Sierra de Salamanca

The designation of origin “Sierra de Salamanca” is located in the south-east of the province, with a production surface of about 500 km2. This is the last Protected Designation of Origin registered in Spain and one of the smallest ones.

Oil. Extra-virgin olive oil

Fruity, dense, with an intense fragrance and spicy touches. This is the extra-virgin olive oil elaborated in the natural parks of Las Arribes and the Sierras de Francia and of Béjar, which adds singular notes to the prized olive juice.

Cherry of Sierra de Francia

If there is a fruit that identifies Salamanca, it is the cherry. Most of the villages, as Madroñal, Villanueva del Conde, Sotoserrano, Garcibuey or Cepeda, have small familiar exploitations that in 2007 led to the creation of the Certification Mark, Cherry of the Sierra de Francia.