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  • Miranda del Castañar

Miranda del Castañar

Miranda del Castañar, declared Historical Site, stands out over a stony hill, in the middle of the Sierra de Francia. Strong walls surround the village; these walls contain some Tower keeps and the Bell Tower, which is near the Parish church.

The old Plaza de Armas of the fortress which turns into a bull ring when the village celebrate its fiestas, and the corn exchange building lead to the inside of the village through San Gines Door.  If you walk along Derecha street you will be able to discover some houses with nobility coat of arms, such as the Houses of El Escribano, Los Tejada, the Butchers or the Prison

At the end of the street you can get out of the wall through the Postigo Door, walking along the fence on the outer part. Doors, small streets, alleys take the visitors to the past, to the other cultures of this land, such as the Arabian or the Jewish.

It is advisable to walk and go to the fountains, shrines and hermitages, such as Nuestra Señora de la Cuesta Chapel, which is the most important place where the local fiestas take place.

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