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  • Cherry of Sierra de Francia
    Cherry of Sierra de Francia

Cherry of Sierra de Francia

If there is a fruit that identifies Salamanca, it is the cherry. Most of the villages, as Madroñal, Villanueva del Conde, Sotoserrano, Garcibuey or Cepeda, have small familiar exploitations that in 2007 led to the creation of the Certification Mark, Cherry of the Sierra de Francia.

This cherry has an intense red colour, carmine or almost black, depending on the variety. They are smooth, brilliant, spotless, with a firm pulp, juicy, of intense taste and with a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. Its blossom offers one of the most sumptuous natural spectacles of spring, awesome at the Natural Park of Batuecas-Sierra de Francia.

Its season is short but prolific. At the end of May, the early varieties, such as burlat, start to mature, and in June it's time for the late varieties, as the ambrunés, also known as picota. They are easily recognisable because they also bear the corresponding the Certification Mark's label.

The nutritional values and the richness in calcium, vitamins and carotenes place cherries as one of the most healthy fruits.

The consumption options are outnumbered: desserts, liquors, salads, cold soups, or just to enjoy them as they come from the market, which is the best way to taste the flavour of these natural “gumdrops”.

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