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  • Spring Festivals, Romerias and Offerings
    Spring Festivals, Romerias and Offerings

Spring Festivals, Romerias and Offerings

Spring is the time when the power of nature explodes again and the villages of the province celebrate it by means of their more traditional festivals, some of them of pagan origin, and others, ecclesiastic. In Salamanca, popular festivals, with a high cultural interest, are celebrated, such as Corpus de Béjar (with the Moss Men ), Corpus de Ledesma, a seven-day festival with its famous “espantos” (bull runnings) where the undeniable main character is the bull and Corpus de La Alberca , one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, declared Historic Site, which, at this time, is adorned with handmade bedspreads and shawls displaying pretty “serrano” embroideries ( typical from the mountains).

In spring it is also held the traditional Lunes de Aguas, intensely celebrated in many villages of the province as well as in the capital. A late-afternoon one-day festival when the protagonist is the “hornazo”, one of the most traditional delicacies of Salamanca.

Another gastronomical experience celebrated during the spring is the International Cheese Fair, in the municipality of Hinojosa de Duero, which gathers more than fifty artisan cheese makers from Spain, Portugal and other European countries. At the same time, several activities, such as exhibitions, gastronomy tastings and workshops take place, where a lot of people converge.

In May, in San Felices de los Gallegos el Noveno, a festival linked to history and, again, to the presence of bulls, is celebrated; bull runnings and bull fightings take place in one of the most stunning arenas of all the province: an original bullring, made completely with carts joined together.

Spring is also the season of Romerias and Offerings, such as the ones that are celebrated in the municipality of Horcajo Medianero (Nuestra Señora de Valdejimena Romeria) or the ones in Matilla de los Caños (Nuestra Señora del Cueto Romeria).

On the 18th June, it is also celebrated the “Cristo de Cabrera Romeria”, which attracts many people who go on a pilgrimage to Cabrera from places all over the province.

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